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About Jennifer Severino


Jennifer provides extensive, thorough, and thoughtful edits to help ensure your written work is at its absolute best.  Jennifer is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she double-majored in Writing Intensive English and Political Science.  She continued her education at Marquette University Law School, where she excelled in legal writing, earning the highest grade in the class in Appellate Writing and Advocacy.  Due to her exceptional writing and editing skills, she is often sought out by other attorneys to assist with their briefs before they are filed in the Circuit Court, Court of Appeals, and Wisconsin Supreme Court.


In addition to her legal pursuits, Jennifer has been editing, beta reading, and critiquing for indie authors for several years.  She has worked on everything from romance and erotica to young adult, westerns, and fantasy. 


As an author herself, Jennifer understands authors spend months, and even years, pouring their passion, love, sweat, and tears into their projects.    Jennifer is an avid reader of all genres and loves to assist authors in transforming their “babies” into polished products ready for publication.  She offers a knowledgeable, unbiased view on your project, and works closely with you to ensure you are in the best position to publish.

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