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Winter Travers

Best-Selling Indie Author

Thoughtful and thorough. Working with Jennifer was a joy and I plan on using Jennifer for many future manuscripts.

M.C. Webb

Indie Author

With a professional experience that's unmatched, and a personal touch that is nothing short of enlightening, Jennifer delivers excellent editorial guidance throughout the birthing of your book.

I have known Jennifer for years, and she has been a tremendous critique partner.  She is fantastic at identifying plot holes, character development problems, and when something is “just missing” from the story.  Her insight is invaluable in progressing my works and I highly recommend her.

Stephanie Newman

Aspiring Author

Before I met Jennifer, I was paying my younger brother, a creative writing major, a bottle of whiskey to edit for me.  It was not pretty.  Jennifer is a true professional.  She’s available for every stage of the writing process and very easy to work with.  Finding an editor willing to look at my work and give helpful suggestions while it is still in progress has been invaluable.  Jennifer has been able to point out concerns about areas of plot, character development, and certain scenes that helped give me the direction I was looking for. 


She is incredibly perceptive.  Her critiques are thoughtful, thorough, and incredibly helpful from the beginning of the editing process through to the end.  Being open to her suggestions will assist anyone in making their work the very best it can be.  Jennifer is always available for brainstorming ideas, and her willingness to discuss anything and everything has been invaluable to me.  Jennifer is a no-nonsense, tough love editor, but I feel like I’ve become a better writer because she’s my editor.  

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