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Twitching Pen Editing by Jennifer Severino


Twitching Pen offers a free sample edit to prospective clients.  This sample edit allows Jennifer, and the client, to determine the level of editing needed on a project.  After the sample edit, a quote will be provided, including information concerning what level editing is being suggested, and why this level of editing is being suggested.  Ultimately, however, the level of editing will be the decision of the client.

All pricing includes two full rounds of editing.  After the first round of edits, the project will be returned to the author for review and changes.  A second, final edit will be completed once these changes have been made.


This service includes checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, proper word usage, and subject-verb agreement issues.  $0.0050 per word.


This service includes basic proofreading, as well as checking for continuity of style, phrasing, and tenses.

$0.0058 per word.


This service includes all of the services in a line/copy edit, along with editor’s recommendations for the book and opinions regarding plot, characters, structure, genre placement, and assessment regarding anything further needed before publication. $0.0070 per word.


This service is for first time authors, or authors whose works may contain extensive issues with grammar, punctuation, verb tense, dialogue, sentence structure, and plot.  $0.012 per word.



Beta reading services are also available for both pre-edit and post-edit projects.  Our experienced beta readers can provide important insight at any level of the editing process.  Please ask for more information if you are interested in beta services.

Developmental Editing

This service is a collaborative process with the author starting at the very early stages of the project, including plotting, structural development, and ensuring proper audience focus, among other things.  Please ask for pricing information via email.

Blurb Writing and Revision

It's time to write the dreaded blurb.  Everyone hates it. Except me!  Let me use my expertise to write a blurb that will capture the prospective reader from the first word and get them so engaged, they will want to one-click your book.  Whether it's starting from scratch or revising a blurb you've already attempted, I can assist in making it spectacular! 

$50 per blurb (discounts offered for multiple blurbs/series)

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Legal Fiction Consulting Services

Does your book contain legal scenarios?  A character who gets arrested? A lawyer as the main character? A courtroom scene? Police investigation?  If you want to ensure accuracy in your manuscript, my legal consulting service can help!  With over a decade of courtroom experience (and another decade as a paralegal before that), I can assist you in ensuring your portrayals are accurate!

Manuscript review: $250 - this includes a full read-through and any research required to ensure accuracy based on your plot and location.

Plotting/outlining and manuscript review: $300 - this offers assistance in the early planning stages of the manuscript and also includes the full manuscript review.

These prices are for manuscripts under 100,000 words. If your book goes over that length, I can quote you what the price increase would be.

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